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A Directed Retreat

You might look at our calendar and wonder what a directed retreat is, and question who the director is. The answer is that it is a time of quiet to listen to God, who is the director of your life and to hear more clearly what God wants of you, or what gifts God wants to give to you.

This is facilitated by another person who meets with you daily, both you and they listen for the direction of God in your life. We have this opportunity available to you in June and again in October. We suggest taking at least three days or more.  It takes that amount of time to slow down and be present to the God within. From the evening of June 3rd to 1:00pm on June 8th we have Fr. Steven Janoski and I am available to journey with you. Fr. Janoski is from St. Louis, MO originally but now works in Springfield, IL as the Director of Campus Ministry at Benedictine UN.

Each day you will have the opportunity to participate in liturgy, share one-to-one with a spiritual director and have ample time for quiet. The Scriptures are the basis for your prayer time, so it’s important to bring a Bible and a journal.

Another opportunity is available for you again in Oct. from the evening of the 14th until the afternoon of the 19th. Fr. Al Naseman,  a Missionary of the Precious Blood who does full time retreat ministry will also be available her. If these dates do not work for you, other days can be arranged by calling our center.

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to be steeped in the quiet alone with your God, you will be amazed how God works in the silence of your heart. Don’t miss this opportunity to be available for this graced opportunity.

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