Lent Following Christ More Closely

“Every one of us is called by the Lord: the important thing is to know how to answer his call. We must learn how to devote ourselves to Jesus, to learn from him and follow him as closely as we can, in his teaching and example; we must learn to rejoice in his company, like the disciples of Emmaus on the day of his Resurrection, like Mary and Joseph at the dawn of that life miracles and saving grace.” Pope John XXIII from his Daily Papal Message

Pope John XXIII in his address encourages us to follow Jesus more closely. How will we do that during our Lenten journey this year? There are many ways that we can begin this. Reading the daily Scriptures especially the Gospel will give us a closer look at who Jesus in. Pondering and praying that Scripture and letting it enter our heart throughout the day will deepen our walk with Jesus.

Jesus too was among the people of His day as servant. We might find a way this Lent to perform a service for some group of people in need. It might be working at a Soup Kitchen, Food Pantry or tutoring a student. It could also be by visiting an elderly neighbor and checking on their needs.

There are many calls in our life, but maybe this lent we can focus on one call and do that with greater presence and awareness, rather than trying to do too many things.

At John XXIII Retreat Center we are offering a series of Lenten lunches with a prayer and talk on how we can fast from different things in our lives. The first one on Feb. 19 addresses fasting from fear and worry and feasting on God’s love and protection. Join us to find out more about these unique fasts as Pastor Chris Bunch shares his ideas with us on the first topic.

From March 1-3 we revisit Vatican II during this year of Faith. Deepen your knowledge of what this renewal is all about with Professor John Nichols. On Wed., March 9th Dorothy Stewart will share with you “Flunking Sainthood” and the different practices in becoming a Saint. If you wish to renew your faith come and join us on Sunday March 10th as we examine beliefs of the Apostles’ Creed. A new series will begin on March 15-16 called “Growth in the Sprit! Spiritual Awakening and Deepening. These 5 sessions every other month will help you look at, “What does it mean to live more contemplatively?” And from March 27-30 we have a unique Holy Week Retreat as we prepare for the Easter Mysteries. There are also opportunities for Spiritual Direction and for your own personal directed retreat or private retreat.

Which of these is God calling you too? So if you follow Christ more closely during this lent as John XXIII Suggests that you can also rejoice in Jesus’ company at Easter.

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