Trivia Night under consideration; rescheduled

We have seen a good bit of interest, but the timing is off. The event which was originally scheduled for Saturday, August 2, 2014, is also the weekend so many families are preparing to begin another school year. In addition, it””s possible we could generate even more interest by taking more time to introduce the […]

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Fond Farewell to Beth & Warm Welcome to Bri !

Greetings to you from John XXIII Retreat Center!  It is with mixed emotions that I bid you a fond farewell.  In our staff prayer time this week we paused and thought about thresholds and how they are defining moments in life… (when we step across thresholds and later we can not re-cross them and be […]

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You + Summer + John XXIII Retreat Center = Your very own Spiritual Bouquet!

We are happy to present a beautiful garden of spiritual opportunities for you to pick from this summer!    Silent Directed Retreat June 1 – June 6 (Choose to stay 3, 4, or 5 days) facilitated by Fr. Donald Halpin, OFM and Sr. Joetta Huelsmann, PHJC   (please call by the evening of May 27 to make […]

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Come away to the Stillness…A Silent Directed Retreat Invitation…Just for YOU!

Come aside to the quiet and spend time with God!  It is hard to hear that small whisper of the Holy Spirit in your life when you are surrounded on all sides by commitments, requests, technology, and just the fast pace of your life in general! You are invited to A Silent Directed Retreat at John XXIII […]

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Come this Sunday @ 1:00! Experience the Spirituality of St. John XXIII for Yourself!

  My guiding principles remain the same: humility in everything, especially in my speech, union with God and the will of God, and not my own, in all I do. — Pope John XXIII, Journal of a Soul   His was a life lived in humility and deep devotion to God as he prayed and […]

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The Rest of the Story… from April 27th & St. John XXIII Canonization Day @ the CENTER…

It was early afternoon on Sunday, April 27th and the air seemed to crackle with excitement at John XXIII Retreat Center!  The spring Mens Retreat weekend was just coming to a close with a hearty homemade lunch and the dining room was filled with conversation.  Some 20 plus men had enjoyed the weekend with leaders: […]

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Our Center Namesake is a canonized Saint…We celebrated the special day…April 27th!

Thank you to all the people who came from near and far to participate with us as Fr. Keith Hosey (former and founding director) celebrated the Liturgy for Divine Mercy Sunday which was also the day that Blessed John XXIII along with Blessed John Paul II was canonized a saint in Rome, Italy at the Vatican! […]

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Special Prayer Experience for You!

  Come and join us at John XXIII Retreat Center Friday May 9, 6:30pm – Saturday May 10, 4pm for: Praying with the Mystics.   We will be spending time exploring the approaches for praying with three different mystics as we look at the lives of: Teresa of Avila, Hildegard of Bingen and Bernard of Clairvaux. […]

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Today…Seder Meal and Liturgy!!! Then on this Sunday…He Is RISEN!….EASTER JOY to YOU!!!

The smell of roast lamb is wafting through the Center and the Shamrock Room is set for our guests…each year, for many years, John XXIII has had a Seder Meal and 2014 continues this tradition.  We read the scripture that delineates that night so long ago (the Passover) and commune over:  matzo ball soup, roast lamb, […]

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He lives in my Heart…a very special poem to share with YOU!

Ty comes to the Center and loves to experience the peacefulness here.  Earlier this Lent, she shared a special poem she had written or as she said, it just wrote itself!  When asked if it would be all right to share it on the Center website, she said that would be fine.  As you strive […]

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