Memories from the Directors

In the early years, people brought their own bed clothes and a dessert dish. Individuals who came to participate in retreats also worked around the house and helped to wash dishes. “In the early days, the Bishop wanted to make sure it wasn’t a hotel,” said Father Keith Hosey. “It wasn’t a hotel. It was […]

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The ‘apostolate of the ear’

How appropriate is it that we hear the Parables of Divine Mercy this weekend as we remember the tragedies of 9/11. It is hard to forgive people who have caused such destruction and loss of lives. However, if we hang on to hurt, we are only hurting ourselves. God calls us to forgiveness and to […]

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When Retreat is the Best Answer

There is nothing new about the idea or practice of religious or spiritual retreats. If we, as Christians, review the Scriptures, there are ample examples of men or women finding time alone or in a small group to focus their attentions God-ward. Religious writer Toni Sorenson said: “Jesus was a hiker. The wilderness was His […]

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New Way to Register for Retreats

We now have a new way for individuals to register for retreat events, and to pay the registration deposit for the event. Most of our retreat events are now listed on If you would like to use the Eventbrite system to register for an event and pay the registration deposit, just go to the […]

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The Email Dilemma

At John XXIII Retreat Center, we are always looking for ways to do a better job. We constantly look for new themes or issues to address in retreats. We are also always looking for better ways to communicate with those who have participated in retreats before, and to reach out to those who have not […]

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The Prodigal Father

March sixth’s Gospel is from Luke 15:1-3, 11-32, the story of the Prodigal Son.  The Gospel story is perfect for the Year of Mercy and also a popular one. Books have been written about this story and numerous paintings have also depicted different aspects of the story. Some of the meanings of prodigal are profuse […]

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New Year Blessings and Gratitude

Dear Friends of John XXIII Retreat Center, It is with gratitude that we acknowledge all who have given their time, talent, and treasure to support us throughout the year.  We are sincerely grateful for our blessings and offer our prayers of thanksgiving to all of you. As always, thank you for your loyalty and support […]

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Retreat Listing now Featured under Events tab

Retreat Listing at a Glance Now featured under the EVENTS tab on our Home Page! Perhaps you are missing my monthly blog featuring December’s Retreat Listing at a Glance??  Well, it is here this month, but not in the blog format!  One of my long term goals as Marketing Coordinator here at John XXIII Retreat […]

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Musings: Life Journey, Culture, Spirituality

This edition of The Window Blog is written by, John Anderson, of Muncie, Indiana, a recent graduate of John XXIII Retreat Center and Lindenwood Retreat Center’s Spiritual Companion 2013-2015 program.   “This past April, I completed 19 months of supervision and training with 9 other precious souls in what was the fourth Spiritual Companion learning […]

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Contemplating Merton: poet, monk, spiritual writer

One glance at a picture of Thomas Merton (1915—1968) and it is clear to see how one might be intimidated were they to become engaged in an intellectual conversation with a man who understands the nature of prayer so deeply and contemplatively.  Yet, with a twinkle in his eye and a smirk of welcome, Merton […]

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