Pentecost: The Holy Spirit Among Us

The Lord had told His disciples, “I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.” Perhaps this means different things to different people. The Holy Spirit is known […]

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Come this Sunday @ 1:00! Experience the Spirituality of St. John XXIII for Yourself!

  My guiding principles remain the same: humility in everything, especially in my speech, union with God and the will of God, and not my own, in all I do. — Pope John XXIII, Journal of a Soul   His was a life lived in humility and deep devotion to God as he prayed and […]

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Yes, He is Risen !!

He is Risen! I never tire of hearing this or proclaiming it. While it speaks of our Saviors work on the Cross – Of His loving redemption of all mankind – it also speaks of the triumph He brings about within you and I. He is Risen – in you and I – over all […]

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Coming in April…

Exploring Pope Francis’ Spirituality… Join us this Lent on April 4-6 to deepen your spiritual journey as we explore the spirituality of Pope Francis. You will learn more about Franciscan Spirituality as we examine simplicity and loving all creation.  Journey with us and St. Ignatius, the first Jesuit, as we explore prayer, discernment and more. […]

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Spiritual Companion IV Update…

…the SCP IV application deadline is being moved back to September 25 to give potential applicants more discernment time.  Please feel free to call Sr. Joetta @ 1-765-348-4008;  toll free 1-888-882-1391 or e-mail her:   Also, you can Click on RETREATS OFFERED and then on the drop down menu Spiritual Companion Program for more information on this website.  […]

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Sit and Enjoy…let nature be your teacher!

Nature Speaks Recently I re-visited our family farm that I was raised on in Trenton IL. This time, I was in a church hall which was built on the edge on our property since the land had been sold. It caused me to reflect on the values that my parents gave me being raised on […]

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Take a Vacation with God!

As we approach the summer months many of you are making plans for vacation. Hopefully you have also thought about a vacation with God. Why not carve out a day, or two to come to John XXIII Retreat Center for your own private time with your Creator. Our back yard has so much to offer. […]

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Blessings during this Easter Season!

The following quote is from one of my favorite writers, Henri Nouwen.  “What counts in your life and mine is not successes but fruits.  The fruits of our life are born often in our pain and in our vulnerability and in our losses.  The fruits of our life come only after the plow has carved […]

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Lent Following Christ More Closely

“Every one of us is called by the Lord: the important thing is to know how to answer his call. We must learn how to devote ourselves to Jesus, to learn from him and follow him as closely as we can, in his teaching and example; we must learn to rejoice in his company, like […]

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Christmas Letter to our Friends from Sr. Joetta, Center Director

  Dear Friends, One of the Advent characters that has gotten my attention this year is Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist. As I read Luke 1:5-25 and 1:67-79, I noticed that through forced silence he changed. He started out as a priest and he ended up being a prophet as he shares the […]

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