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This edition of The Window Blog is written by, John Anderson, of Muncie, Indiana, a recent graduate of John XXIII Retreat Center and Lindenwood Retreat Center’s Spiritual Companion 2013-2015 program.   “This past April, I completed 19 months of supervision and training with 9 other precious souls in what was the fourth Spiritual Companion learning […]

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Contemplating Merton: poet, monk, spiritual writer

One glance at a picture of Thomas Merton (1915—1968) and it is clear to see how one might be intimidated were they to become engaged in an intellectual conversation with a man who understands the nature of prayer so deeply and contemplatively.  Yet, with a twinkle in his eye and a smirk of welcome, Merton […]

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A Year in Review

A Reflection from our Director, Sister Joetta Huelsmann As we consider how we met the needs of our guests and focused on our mission for John XXIII Retreat Center over the past year, we ask that you share with us the blessings given and to join us in thanks for God’s graces.   It is in […]

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Simple Prayer in Dry Seasons

“Lord save me.”   A life of prayer is certain to bring about changes in each of us, and just as everyone goes through the seasons of life so everyone living in prayer will find their ongoing conversation with God to have variations throughout their journey. Sometimes a Christian will mention having a “dry season,” […]

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Pentecost: The Holy Spirit Among Us

The Lord had told His disciples, “I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.” Perhaps this means different things to different people. The Holy Spirit is known […]

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Yes, He is Risen !!

He is Risen! I never tire of hearing this or proclaiming it. While it speaks of our Saviors work on the Cross – Of His loving redemption of all mankind – it also speaks of the triumph He brings about within you and I. He is Risen – in you and I – over all […]

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Sit and Enjoy…let nature be your teacher!

Nature Speaks Recently I re-visited our family farm that I was raised on in Trenton IL. This time, I was in a church hall which was built on the edge on our property since the land had been sold. It caused me to reflect on the values that my parents gave me being raised on […]

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Take a Vacation with God!

As we approach the summer months many of you are making plans for vacation. Hopefully you have also thought about a vacation with God. Why not carve out a day, or two to come to John XXIII Retreat Center for your own private time with your Creator. Our back yard has so much to offer. […]

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Lent Following Christ More Closely

“Every one of us is called by the Lord: the important thing is to know how to answer his call. We must learn how to devote ourselves to Jesus, to learn from him and follow him as closely as we can, in his teaching and example; we must learn to rejoice in his company, like […]

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Lent, a time for Slowing Down

Besides fasting, praying and almsgiving I believe that Lent is also a time for slowing down the pace of one’s life. Jesus spent 40 days in the desert and I am sure he did not do this at a hurried pace. It seems as if our society today is in a hurry about everything and […]

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