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Spiritual Companionship Program

Co-sponsored by John XXIII Retreat Center and Lindenwood Retreat and Conference Center

August 2013 - February 2015

Are you being called to be a Spiritual Companion? Have others shared intimately with you about their spiritual life?

Or has someone shared with you because you listen reflectively?

If so, you might be called to the ministry of Spiritual Companionship. It’s a long tradition that has been available to people serious about their spiritual journey.

It is known by various names: spiritual direction, spiritual guidance, or spiritual companionship.

John XXIII Retreat Center and Lindenwood Retreat Center in Donaldson, IN have collaborated to train individuals for this important ministry. Since the beginning

of this program we have graduated 22 candidates and have 6 people in the present program. In Aug. of 2013 we will be beginning with a new group. The dates for the sessions are below:


  • Aug. 23-24-at Lindenwood
  • Oct. 25-26-at John XXIII Retreat
  • Dec. 6-7-Lindenwood


  • Feb. 21-22-at John XXIII
  • April 25-26-at Lindenwood
  • June 20-24-at John XXIII
  • Aug. 22-23-at Lindenwood
  • Oct. 24-25-at John XXIII
  • Dec. 5-6-at Lindenwood


  • Feb. 20-24-at John XXIII

For more information or an application for the program contact the director, Sr. Joetta Huelsmann, PHJC at 765-348-4008 or